2017 update

The band are currently recording their 5th studio album and due to unforeseen circumstances (illness) we have been unable to complete this in time for 2017 and have subsequently postponed the Eastbourne Lammas concert on 29th July as well as Hawth Theatre 1st September – both dates will be reinstated for 2018 where hope to present our new album full of new original songs, one or two old songs brought up-to-date and some lively tunes. Best wishes Mark, Bonnie, Chris, Dave & Kimberley.

6th November 2017 – update:

We are back on track now with recording and have some great new songs and tunes to present on our next CD which is scheduled for summer 2018 (or earlier if we can complete it). Distance apart is still a difficulty but we intend to do as many live dates as possible in 2018 and arrange for availability on ITunes etc.



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